Good afternoon all!🌞
Woo-hoooo it’s Thursday! The weekend is almost here and it’s not raining today! (siiiigh) What’s everyone’s plan for the weekend? This morning as the sun was shining, the TV looked mega dusty. So, we’ve decided to tackle its cleaning, using some of our cleaning wipes and vacuum cleaner!

The top of your TV? Dusted once a week (if you’re good). Behind it? Well, that’s a different story. Electricity is a magnet for dust and you will find large amounts of dust behind your television and electronics. Make sure to dust and vacuum these locations very well and wipe your electronics with a microfiber cloth 💯 Not only will your home be free of even more dust and allergens, but your electronic devices will have a longer lifespan since dust is often the cause of electronics malfunctions.

Ohhhh…and you should not forget the remote control as well as the speakers!

We have put up together some important cleaning tips for you below. There’s no reason to shell out big bucks on cleaning supplies, and we’ve highlighted an affordable but effective way to clean your TV screen. Check it out!