Clothes, shoes and accessories, are you always on the lookout for storage? With our practical and low-cost tips, each of your things will find its place πŸ‘Œ

The smart solutions of Courts Mammouth:
  • Concealing your cabinets behind curtains keeps your room looking tidy.
  • Assign a function to each type of storage. For example, choose a wardrobe for your T-shirts, jumpers and trousers. A wardrobe is perfect for all your clothes to hang up. Finally, you can find your underwear and accessories more easily by placing them in divided drawers.
  • Make use of the top of your wardrobe. You can place storage units on top of your wardrobe to hold your last season’s belongings. Remember to keep a step nearby to reach them.
  • Hang a large wall mirror, essential for checking your outfit before leaving in the morning.
  • Install lights. Whether they are built-in or decorative, they will help you find your clothes more easily.

Design your dressing room to your specifications πŸ™ƒ