Brrrrrrrrrr!🥶 We really felt that temperature drop last night. Did you manage to sleep properly? Winter well-being is a sentence we often hear throughout the season. So what are the best tips for living? In a nutshell, winter wellness is all about taking care of you and your body during the coldest months. It involves a different mindset than what you do during summer.🌞
You may have a weaker immune system during winter, and with the freezing outdoor temperatures, you need to ensure that you’re well stocked with vitamins and warm clothing. We’ve put together a little something about the best winter well-being tips we like to consider, and believe us, you’ll come out of this season healthy and full of energy!

1. Enjoy warm lemon tea and honey ☕🍋

The ultimate weapon against winter diseases, lemon is the vitamin C boost your body needs to fight colds and flu. Honey also helps soothe sore throats and is incredibly antibacterial, making it an effective anti-virus!🍯 It is recommended that you prepare and take it in the morning.  It helps boost your immune system for the day, so you feel up and ready to go 🏃‍♀


2. Keep yourself warm 🧣🧤

It seems obvious, but many of us forget to cover up during winter. Wear layers, which keep you warmer than a big sweater.
Also, take plenty of hot baths to help you stay warm after a cold winter day.

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3. Get your vitamins 🍋🍏🍅

There is nothing more important than a proper diet, especially during the cold winter months when our immune system can be weakened. Make sure you eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day to feel energized and healthy.
Our favourite foods to eat during the winter months are: Beetroot soups, spinach purée or Chinese chicken and herb soups. Hmmm… Hunger is calling!🔥

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4. Stay active 🏋‍♂🚴‍♂

It can be so easy to curl up in a ball and not exercise at all during the winter months, but you still need to get some exercise, at least a bit. Try hot yoga as a way to exercise and keep warm, or for a slightly more active activity, you can wrap yourself up and run on a treadmill. It’s very nice on a cold day.

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5. Get some sleep!💤💤

Recently we’ve been going through some stressful months with the lockdown period, so it’s more important than ever to get a good quality sleep each night. Make sure you have at least 8 hours for your body to rest and recharge, and you’ll have a refreshing sleep!💯
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Have a beautiful day ahead folks!! ♥