🌞🌴Good morning Buttercups and Happy Tuesday to youuuu! In the framework of this first blog launch, we wanted to start with getting to know our buyers, the main actors in terms of how our branches are filled…. Yeah, they are the figures behind our phone, electrical or furniture models! So, let’s do it !🤩Keep reading to find out what it is…


A short snack break with Ruma…

Ruma Boodia is a Small Appliances Buyer at Courts Mammouth for 18 years now. She started as a Branch Manager and was invited to join the Purchasing department after 10 months.  Since then, it has been an interesting journey with new challenges on several occasions in this ever-changing competitive market.

As a Small Appliance Buyer, we wanted to know a little more about her preferences for the products she tested from Courts Mammouth. We received a variety of responses recommending the best products and giving ideas about the dishes and drinks you can prepare with them. As for Ruma, it is always possible to make delicious food and drinks with just a few inexpensive kitchen appliances.
So, what about her everlasting favourite from Courts Mammouth? (drum rolls🥁) Tadaaaa! It is the Mayer air fryer!!! Can you smell those fries from miles away?We got it, that amazing scent! 🤤🍟

I highly recommend this product as a way to promote healthy eating for the people of Mauritius.


When Philips first developed the fryer, it was very expensive and out of reach for many of Courts Mammouth customers.  The Mayer fryer was introduced at a lower price and the product was widely appreciated.  As explained by Ruma, today, we can find the product in several brands such as Morphy Richards that we import ourselves. The competitors have also introduced their models and we also are bringing the product under our own brand name, Concetto.  Ruma can easily remember the day where a customer requested to provide a model that he had seen on the web.  When we finally brought him the product, he purchased several units for his family members.  In addition to that, Ruma has purchased and tested the product herself and admits that it is an incredible one simply because her children have actually accepted the food that is cooked in the air fryer.  Well, as long as they’re happy, Ruma is happy.  The chicken comes out crispy without deep frying in oil; so are potato chips, including fries made with fresh potatoes! “I highly recommend this product as a way to promote healthy eating for the people of Mauritius.”

Oh la la! It’s time to eat…potato fries anyone? 😍